Weight loss is a life-changing fantastic experience that changes the thinking and feelings and increases an individual’s self-esteem. Now let’s get that feeling, weight loss is amazing stress less means just by meal preparation, frequency of meals and snacks, by knowing what to eat and what to eat it, makes weight loss much more amazing for you and me. Here is why SOTA WEIGHT LOSS is for You! 

Amazingly SOTA Weight loss makes your weight loss about you! Yes, you and not the stubborn fats. Give you a remarkable experience where your hips and bottom fats melt, and your face defines your weight. SOTA weapons are designed and designated the right personalized diet just for you and your body composition.

It makes your slimming down much easier and convenient for you, alongside caring and happy coaches to guide you in this process and guide you towards maintaining your new fitting weight.

YOU! Yes, you are the key to your weight loss, what you eat, how you eat them, you created the habits that make you gain weight. Hence, you can break away from such a routine and create a like habit to lose weight, you may have coaches guiding you, but you also need to be intentional about it. The program is a mixture of both diet and exercise that works for just YOU!


  • A nutrition plan designed for your body: SOTA devises a plan that works for just you and your body composition. It is not what someone had used, but what exactly you will use and would work for you. People’s body composition is slightly different. What works for A might not work for B. Here is why SOTA weight loss is quite essential; their diets, their exercise is just for you.
  • Weekly Check-In with your coach: The process of weight loss might be stressful and discouraging is there is no one to go through the journey with you; in SOTA, your coaches are always there with you; they journey through the program with you to your difficulties in the process, they are caring, compassionate and they know what exactly your body requires of you.
  • Support from your coach: In addition to point two, the coaches do not only check-in with you weekly, but they also provide for you all the help you need through the program, timely advice, words of encouragement; the process would be much stress if you are going through it alone.



  • The Price: The major drawback of SOTA WEIGHT LOSS is the cost of the program, and this has been the significant discouraging aspect of the program; the cost majorly depends on the amount of weight you want to drop, not necessarily the duration of the program. It cost more than $2000 for eight weeks, that is a big deal for some.

Frequently Asked Questions About SOTA WEIGHT LOSS

Question: Do genetic affect weight gain, guts, and weight loss? 

Answer: Although there might be genetic bases for what you “got” on your body that you don’t “want” and you might not be able to work on, but most times, it is not the case.

Question: Does Trauma make one gain much weight, and how to get over such weight gain? 

Answer: When undergoing a trauma, a therapist is needed or a counselor; if not the Trauma might affect your exercises, your diet and change your body composition. To overcome this, it depends on you if you are ready to change.

Question: Age and body shape and weight! 

Answer: Age does not affect weight gain or loss, and you can be 60 and snatched and looking younger and reflecting a new you when you undergo a SOTA Weight Loss program.

Question: How fast can you lose weight? 

Answer: There are different programs and plans for your weight loss, and they can recommend a 12 weeks effective weight loss plan or lesser, as long as you diligently follow the recommendations exactly as it is, it would work for you.

There are several weight loss packages we have the fast and slow weight loss; hence it depends on which plan or package you want.


There have been many positive reviews and recommendations for the program, and it has been rated as a 5 star at Google. I would highlight some here.

However, if you live in Dallas or Houston, Texas area, you might want to check out their facilities to see if it’s right for you. Some of the popular reviews are:

  • Saul G said, “She really recommends it, she loves the offices, the staff and the coaches are so kind and they took her health as a priority.”
  • Blake G acknowledges that the coaches and staff knowledgeable answered all his questions and made his weight loss easier.

All reviews highlight the customer service, the diet, the support, the programs and plans, and how the packages have helped them achieve their weight loss aim without much stress, how informative the program is. It’s worth the cost.

It is being assumed that losing weight is quite stressful; however, people tend to have this mindset that it can’t be possible. The first key SOTA Weight Loss uses is a change of mindset.

The whole process starts from the mind, and if you believe you can do it, you can do it. With SOTA weight loss, it is intentional with your diet, exercise, timings, and all you do. 

The coaches and staff can only answer your questions and guide you on how to lose your weight by their plans; it’s on you to intentionally work towards your weight loss. Over time SOTA Weight Loss has proved to be good at what they do. It would be best if you tried them out.