We love to eat tasty and delicious foods, different people love to eat different foods, some loved meat, but some are crazy about rice. Rice is one of the most popular tasty meals in the world. It gives you a lot of features to make its perfect meal ideas. There are many types and recipes which provide you with tasty but nutritional meals, but have you ever thought about jasmine rice nutrition?

It is one of the perfect recipes of rice types that makes us healthy and provides excellent taste if you cook it correctly. If you do not like to eat jasmine rice, it means you are cooking them wrongly; otherwise, nobody can think that jasmine rice gives a bad taste.

You should cook it correctly and enjoy the best jasmine rice nutrition experience at home in your kitchen with simple ingredients. We will try to teach you how you can cook the perfect taste of jasmine rice.

Why I pick the jasmine rice recipe?

There are many reasons which convinced me to pick the jasmine rice to share with you; the first and the most important one is that if you are looking for tasty but nutritional meals, then jasmine rice nutrition is best for you.

The second reason is that you do not need to make much effort to cook it. This recipe will not take more than twenty minutes to prepare if you have all tools and materials in proper order with you.

Are there choices to add ingredients for changing the jasmine rice flavour?

“Yes,” you have a lot of choices to add in the jasmine rice to make it a favorite. You can add minced garlic, turmeric, cumin, sauce, and many other ingredients to change its taste or making a good jasmine rice nutrition meal.

Does it need to rinse the rice before cooking?

When you cook the other rice types, you need them to soak for some time, but there is no need to soak the jasmine rice; but you just need to rinse the jasmine rice for few times before cooking. It is enough if you rinse the one cup of rice with two or three cups of water.

Why jasmine used in the name of jasmine rice?

Jasmine is one of the popular flowers with a delightful aroma; when you eat the jasmine rice, you will feel the jasmine’s fragrance, but it also smells like the floral of the jasmine.

Is there any difference between jasmine rice and white rice?

If we see them from a distance, then it seems they are the same, but they feel different in taste and smell when we taste them. Some people also count the jasmine rice like white rice, but nutritional facts prove that jasmine rice nutrition is better than white rice.

Jasmine Rice Nutrition Recipe

How to make a jasmine rice nutrition recipe?

Here I will give you some simple tips that will help you make a perfect taste of jasmine rice and good nutrition.

Time for the recipe

Preparation time:           2 minutes

Time for cooking:          10 minutes

Time for rest:                  8 minutes

Total time for recipe:     20 minutes

Ingredients for jasmine rice recipe?

  • You will need 1 or 2 cups of jasmine rice, according to your family members.
  • Take water for rinsing the jasmine rice, but keep in mind take water according to rice cups; for one cup of jasmine rice, two cups of water is enough. But also take extra water.
  • Salt ¾ teaspoon, but you can increase it according to your taste.

Optional Ingredient:

Many optional ingredients can improve its taste and nutritional level. To make perfect jasmine rice nutrition with a perfect taste, you can add cumin seeds, high-fiber vegetables, minced garlic, and turmeric. But these are not compulsory because jasmine rice also is a good source of nutrients.

Instructions for the recipe

  • First of all, arrange all the materials as per recommendations; after arranging the materials, rinse the jasmine rice for few times; two or three times is enough to clean the dirt, dust, or any other particles.
  • Now take the water in a saucepan and boil; when water starts boiling, add jasmine rice in the water, keep stirring the water after one or two minutes, add salt in water and cover the pan with a lid. Keep medium heat below the pan; you can also add cumin, turmeric, or garlic at that time if you want to add.
  • Wait for ten minutes until you make sure all water absorb, stop the stove, and wait for 8 minutes. Now open the lid but cover your hands with some cloth, because you may burn your hands when opening the lid.
  • Now taste the jasmine rice; if you feel ok, remove them from the pan in the serving dish, but if jasmine rice is still firm, add one or two cups of water and cook it for a further five minutes them soft.
  • Before serving, you can also take them with some other items such as fresh green salad.

Can I store jasmine rice in the freezer?

Jasmine rice gives you the flexibility to store them in the freezer; if you store them properly on perfect cooling, you can store them for three months without deteriorating its taste and nutrition. When you need to eat, heat them in the oven and enjoy a tasty and nutritional meal any time.

Is it true to say this recipe a jasmine rice nutrition recipe?

To the best of my knowledge, when I look at the ingredients of the jasmine rice recipe, I found all of them are gluten-free and are a good source of calories, proteins, fibers, and saturated fatty acids, which are good nutritional sources. It is true to say jasmine rice nutrition recipe.


When we look for the perfect meal ideas with the best taste and nutrition, then jasmine rice nutrition is the best choice. It is simple to make, does not take much time to cook, and provides you with excellent nutritional elements.