There are many celebrities globally, but there are very few popular celebrities globally, and people love to watch their films, shows, and dramas. Among such celebrities, Jorge Garcia is the one who is very popular and especially after the mysterious story of Jorge Garcia weight loss.

Jorge Garcia works in many movies and TV shows and provides great fun for the people with his comedy. People love to watch his shows and movies, but he gains too much weight during his career, which becomes harmful for his health.

There is no doubt his weight gain does not affect its popularity among people, but his fans, families, and doctors recommend him to lose weight.

He tries and gets success to decrease his weight and now enjoying a balanced personality. Today here I will tell you complete detail about Jorge Garcia and Jorge Garcia’s weight loss story.

Bio of Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia is an American actor and comedian who forty-seven years old. The real name of Jorge Garcia is Jorge Fernando Garcia. Jorge was born in Omaha, Nebraska, United States, on April 28, 1973.

Jorge’s parents were professional, his father was a doctor, and he was a Chilean- born while his mother was a professor and she was Cuban-born. Both people support Jorge to reach his current destination.

Jorge lives in San Juan Capistrano during the early years of his younger age; he gets admission to Clemente High school and completes his early education from there. Due to his good physique and height, he takes part in wrestling and wins the Triton of the year award.

After completing the school education, he gets admission to the University of California Los Angeles, and he graduated in communication studies from there. But during his study at University, he also took acting classes at Beverly Hills Playhouse School.

How he starts his Acting Career?

After completing his degree, Jorge started auditioning for various TV roles, he does struggle for more than two years, and at last, in 1997, he gets a role in a TV series. The first series in which Jorge Garcia worked was Becker, and he played the role of Hector Lopez.

His acting was awesome, and people praise his performance, and millions of fans come forward for his support. Immediately after his popularity, he also gets signed with another TV series Hurley, in which he played the role of Hugo.

After that, his graph of success and fans increase rapidly, and he becomes one of the most liked celebrities in America and even in other countries.

Now he is one of the favorite actors who become more popular especially after losing his massive body weight. He struggled a lot during his life time, but now he is enjoying wealthy future. In October 2020 Jorge net worth was 5 Million dollars.

How he Jorge Garcia gain weight?

It is common to listen that celebrities have time for their fans and work, but they do not have time for themselves. They do not care about them, their health, and other matters; the same was Garcia’s problem.

Jorge was a healthy and high heightened man; he likes to eat unhealthy foods. He made it his routine to eat unhealthy and high calories foods. With the increase in age and decrease in physical activity, he gained weight.

How much weight does Jorge Garcia gain?

It is common to listen that celebrities have time for their fans and work, but they do not have time for themselves. They do not care about them, their health, and other matters; the same was Garcia’s problem.

Jorge was a healthy and high heightened man; he likes to eat unhealthy foods. He made it his routine to eat unhealthy and high calories foods. With the increase in age and decrease in physical activity, he gained weight.

What are rumors about Jorge Garcia Weight loss story?

There are many rumors that his fans spread about his weight loss journey, which believes that no one can lose weight like Garcia without gastric bypass surgery.

But there is no reality in that, and Jorge managed to lose his weight only by his diet plans and physical exercise work out. He struggles too much to lose bodyweight, and he also gets success in his mission impossible.

During his journey to weight loss, once he was fed up with such a try and again started eating unhealthy foods, he was convinced by his wife, and he does much struggle to lose his body weight.

How much weight does Garcia lose?

He off all the unhealthy foods from his diet and start exercising but after some time, he feels he is just wasting his time. So he becomes hopeless and again starts eating unhealthy foods and decreasing hours of work out, but early he feels that he needs to be serious about that and lose weight.

He again starts heavy workout schedules and skips the unhealthy junk foods from his diet plans, and he also succeeds in his mission. Jorge loses more than a hundred pounds; his initial weight was 400 pounds.

How Jorge Garcia make it possible to lose weight?

As I early discussed that he was fond of eating unhealthy and junk foods. Commonly, junk and unhealthy foods become reasons for the increase in the number of carbohydrates and fats, which are the main reasons for body weight.

So, for losing weight, he skips all the unhealthy foods from his table and starts eating fresh and healthy foods, helping him reach his goal.

The second best natural way to reduce the number of fats in our body is physical exercise. When we workout, it burns calories and also reduces the number of fats in the body. These two simple rules make the story of Jorge Garcia’s weight loss possible.

What was the diet plan of Jorge Garcia?

Jorge followed a very simple diet plan of healthy foods; he prepared his seven days plan and strictly managed his weight.

His experts recommend him to follow a seven-day plan, but make it your routine to work out and also drink 8 to 10 glasses of water in your routine. But you need to avoid eating bread, beef, dairy, soda, sweets, cheese, and potatoes.

First-day plan

He was allowed to eat as many as fruits he can, which helped Jorge increase the number of fibers in the body.

Second-day plan

The second day’s recommended plan was vegetables; the plan was similar to the day’s first plan, but they’re also included raw or boiled veggies.

Third-day plan

In the third day plan, he was recommended to eat vegetables and fruits as many as possible, but with skipping all avoiding foods.

Fourth-day plan

On the fourth day, the plan was changed; experts recommend Jorge eat 8 bananas and four milk glasses.

Fifth-day plan

The fifth-day plan was a little bit spicy, and according to Garcia’s taste, experts recommended he to eat 6 large tomatoes. But with tomatoes, he can take anyone from chicken breast, fish, and brown rice for vegetarians.

Sixth-day plan

The sixth-day plan was the same as the fifth-day plan, but tomatoes were excluded from the plan, and he also had the option to eat vegetables cooked or uncooked.

Seventh-day plan

Garcia’s experts recommend he take only one cup of brown rice and veggies on the seventh day.

What was Jorge’s workout plan?

The exercise secrete behind the successful Jorge Garcia weight loss story is as below.

He performs arms circles, wrist rotations, shoulder rotations, cycling, push-ups, sit-ups, stairs running, neck rotations, breathing, running, and jogging.

Jorge struggles very hard and exercises even for five continuous hours; he is injured many times, fatigued, and got pain, but he never gave up, and in the end, he gets success. He struggled for more than a year, and now he is enjoying a well-balanced body weight.

What are the recommendations for people who want to lose weight?

Surely you are here reading the story of Jorge Garcia’s weight loss only because you or your loved ones may face weight gain. You also need guidance about how to lose bodyweight as Garcia loses.

  • The first and most important tool in keeping your mind relaxes and not taking stress or tension.
  • Follow the seven-day meal plan; you can prepare any of your favorite meals plans but skipping the carbs rich foods.
  • It also needs to take care in using vegetables, do not use oil or butter for the cooking of fish, chicken, or vegetables. You can eat grilled chicken or fish, while it is optional to eat green vegetables uncooked or cooked. But cooking means only boiled vegetables.
  • Do a heavy workout; you can also pick Jorge’s workout plans, but you need to exercise the whole body.

Frequently asked Questions

After losing one hundred pounds, there is no doubt that Jorge Garcia becomes a perfect example and hope for the people who are struggling to lose bodyweight. People on many platforms discuss Jorge Garcia weight loss journey. We provide you answers to some important frequently asked questions that people mostly ask about the Jorge Garcia weight loss mystery.

How much weight Mr. Jorge lose?

Initially, Jorge was more than four hundred pounds, but after following the hard work out plan and healthy diet plan, he lost more than a hundred pounds.

What is the present weight of Jorge Garcia?

Jorge has lost more than a hundred pounds, and now he is 136 kg (300 pounds).

What was the reason for Garcia’s weight gain?

Due to their busy routine, he did not pay much attention to his health; basically, he has a good height and a strong body. But with time, he starts eating unhealthier and junk foods, which make his body weigh 400 pounds.

Why did Jorge Garcia lose his body weight?

In the start, when he was over 400 pounds, he was not conscious about his weight, but with time his doctors, his family members, and fans ask him to reduce the weight. He also realizes that his career is also at stake; when casting him in “lost,” the director asks him to lose his body weight.

Jorge does too much struggle and only decreases 30 pounds; he becomes irritated and quit trying because he starts thinking it is impossible for him. He again started eating junk foods. But early, he realized that he is wrong and needs to control his body weight when fans start passing comments on his body weight.

So his health and career make him convinced to lose his body weight to survive in the industry.

Is it true Jorge Garcia had gastric bypass surgery or other medicines to lose weight?

No, it is completely wrong; there are many rumors about Jorge Garcia weight loss journey that he uses medicines, and some expect that he had gastric bypass surgery.

The secrete behind the successful weight loss story of Jorge Garcia is only the natural ways. He only managed his weight by hard work out and a healthy meal diet plan.

Does Jorge Garcia still follow the plan?

He is still avoiding eating unhealthy meals, and he is not following such hard plans now, but he makes it his routine to exercise and eating fruits and vegetables more than other meals.


Many people are struggling to lose bodyweight, but there are very few stories that become an example for others, such as Jorge Garcia weight loss. He struggled with hard work out and a diet plan to reduce his weight.