Since 2008, a restaurant has started its journey to make people feel better by eating good food. Philosophy was pretty simple. But the path was challenging. However, that restaurant now emerges as a thriving food chain. Here the brand is True Food Kitchen that has outlets in 10 USA states. Besides, it has already gained popularity and fame. Also, customer satisfaction is very high.

The name discloses the secret of the business. Recently, the restaurant became one of the most rapidly increasing entities as people tend to have more dinners and launch in a restaurant than the home. Therefore, true food is playing the open secret part of this excellent food chain business.

However, we will know more about this fantastic restaurant today in this article. So, let’s get started and explore this successful food chain.


In 2008, the restaurant started its journey. It was founded in that year. Since then, it has been providing the best quality food to the customer. And quality is their main strength. We will talk about it later.

In Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Andrew Weil opened this restaurant. He is the founder of this giant food chain. He opened one restaurant, and now it has 23 locations in 10 different USA states. 

If you go deeper, we will find that there is a specific reason behind this food chain. Dr. Andrew Weil wanted to promote his idea that it was “anti-inflammatory.” Based on this fantastic theory, the restaurant began its journey.

Besides, the founder wanted to make people’s lifestyle along with the restaurant. That was the motive, so they have achieved customer satisfaction and make themselves a thriving food chain.

Details About The Restaurant

Details About The Restaurant

To make any food chain successful, it must have some factors that should be maintained thoroughly. True Food Kitchen does strictly supports this theory. From the quality of their foods to the skillful employee, they hold the standard.

Moreover, you will find the menu details later in this article. However, there are some other factors like the business strategy. 

Customer-oriented restaurants are leading the food industry in this modern era. The customer writes the success of every business. In this case, only the true food kitchen can satisfy the customer.

Therefore, this food chain always tries to make their food excellent in quality. And all the ingredients are hygienic. You can also see that they follow the same process and the same ingredients to all their stores. 

It is not an easy task to maintain the quality factors in 10 different USA states simultaneously. But the food kitchen has maintained it strictly. When they go for any new strategy, all the stores follow it. 

However, all the stores have quality products and excellent foods. They also follow the same business strategy to make a tremendously successful food chain indeed.

At present, they have 40+ outlets in several USA states. And most of them are available to get online orders. Some of them are yet to start their online service. Besides, they are going to open their new stores in different places across the USA. Basically, it’s a sign of making an excellent food chain that might lead the industry. 

Online Presence

Online Order In Restaurant

Technology and the internet are now the two major factors of the business world. Most of the companies make sure that they have an excellent online presence. The same goes for the food industry as well.

Especially the online order and shopping are increasing day by day. People feel more comfortable purchasing their necessary products and food online instead of going to physical stores or restaurants.

However, like a food chain, truefoodkitchen.com is an excellent online platform that serves the customer best. They have an excellent website from where you can place your order and get the food delivered to your home or given address.

Besides, you will find all their recipes and store location. After that, there you will find your nearest outlet address. That will help you decide whether you go there and enjoy the food or if you have a short time, you may place the order to your nearest store, and they will deliver soon.

You will also get the updated news about their new locations and new food item by subscribing to their site. Though these are the common factors for a restaurant, they maintain them very well. 


When it comes to restaurant food, you might need to know how rich their food category is. Also, you will get an instant idea about the taste of their foods and atmosphere. Also, you might get ideas about the price. 

But the Menu is unique here. They make their menu very specific and impressive at the same time.

First of all, you will find the menu option from the top of their website. When you go to their store, you will also find different types of menu. Despite the platform, whether it’s physical or online, you will find the menu for:

  • Seasonal food
  • Locality based food
  • Cultural food items
  • Occasional foods
  • Food that boosts your mood

From the above list, locality-based food items are the best and unique. Basically, if you want to have your own local foods, you can enjoy them. But to make this happen, you need to select the preferred locality and then check out the menu.

You will find your favorite local foods. Then you will need to make the order and enjoy them sitting at your home. You will rarely find this feature in any other restaurant or food kitchen.

Customize Food

Customize Food

In the menu, you can select any item and ask them for customization. Maybe you want to add something, or you might require to make it completely healthy. Besides, if you follow any diet plan, you may ask them to prepare the food according to your diet,  for example, the Keto diet.

For a vegetarian, it will be an excellent place to enjoy the favorite food. Before placing your order, ask them to avoid the meat and make the best veggie item. 

Moreover, their foods are all gluten friendly. If you have issues with it, make sure you avoid those items. But the thing is, they use gluten in most of their items. You will rarely find a gluten-free food item.

The story behind the success

After birth, a child starts to grow day by day. It has lots of stories, and days go by. One day the child begins to walk. Thus it starts to learn to run. That’s a simple process. But when you think deeply, you find a long process. Here, if learning to run is a milestone, then a restaurant’s success would be to create a food chain.

But you need to put your best effort and maintain your standards that are the pillars. The same goes for the food kitchen. It has some excellent business strategies and stories that help to make a successful food chain. It’s time to explore them.

The story starts with the customer.

Some people love a glass of red, and some are flavor fanatics; others may be concerned about their health and therefore choose healthy foods. This restaurant knows it very well. They have all the options available to meet their customer needs. That’s why they believe in true food. And they make it in that way. 

This section mainly talks about the customer orientation cooking process and strategy. All the customers are special to them. That’s how it differentiates from the other restaurants as well.

Better food means a better life.

Quality is not just a word. Instead, it bears enormous importance. When it comes to food, quality comes automatically. In this case,  the restaurant follows the scientific measurement. Also, they intend to help their customers and the entire planet to live longer lives.

We need to eat to live. But to live better, we should get better food. However, we spend most of our time outside of the home. Therefore, we take our meal from the restaurant. Either we go there, or we make online orders and enjoy the restaurant made food. 

But people suffer a lot by having restaurant foods because most of the restaurants don’t meet the minimal quality. As a result, we end up suffering health problems. 

But here you will find the foods maintaining all the standard and quality. That’s the reason why it is one of the most leading food chains in the USA.

Seasonal Ingredients With Superpower

Seasonal Food

They believe in the quality of the ingredients. Therefore, when they select or purchase their food ingredients, they choose the best one. Also, they have experienced employees who can do the job very well. 

All their signature foods are made from super seasonal ingredients. And customers love them very much.  At the same time, they know that the food is worth its price.

Food that boosts your mood

One of their secret stories is here. They believe that food can boost your mood. That means you can have your favorite food that can make you feel happy. But it mostly depends on the quality as well.

Eat Optimistically

Healthy eating is a much-needed habit of staying healthy. To enjoy a sound mind along with sound health, you need to consider a half-full plate instead of seeing it as a half-empty plate. That’s what they also believe.

Also, they believe that their customers eat with passion. This thinking or strategy helps them to be True to every word and every service. 

Eating optimistically is a good term. In fact, it’s a sign of great tasting. Something is better than a full plate of unhealthy food. 

Offers and other facilities

They have some interesting features. True rewards are one of them. It is an amazing way to recognize the customer as well. After the successful join of their true Rewards system, a customer will enjoy the facilities like

  • 1 point for every $1
  • $15 discount for every 150 points
  • A welcome discount after the registration.

There is also a feature called Sweet Surprise. It also has some effective offers for the customer.  They are:

  • In the first 30 days, you will enjoy $5 off on Monday for both dine-in and online orders.
  • You will enjoy the birthday month dessert for free.
  • Particular days for double points.

These are the common things that a customer will enjoy by subscribing to their True Reward system. They all are very effective and help their customers feel special.

Besides, it’s a process of getting some real rewards for spending money on their foods. Indeed it’s an excellent customer focus business strategy.

Gift card

Here comes the common yet exciting feature. A gift card is an excellent option. You can buy it for yourself or your friend. Also, you can get a digital card or the physical card as well.

Moreover, there are several options for the gift card amount, starting from $25. You can choose any amount given there. But if you want to make it more than $500, you can contact customer service, and they will help in this regard. It’s another sign of customization.

Live chat

It is an exciting feature. After landing on their site, if you find any difficulties or need to clarify anything, LiveChat is there for you.

You can give your email address and other required information to get help. You will find a box where you can write your issues. After a while, they will go back to you and help you sort out your problem(s). The customer finds it useful in every case. It makes the customer happy by answering their queries. 

What is a lifestyle restaurant?

Basically, when a restaurant considers the consumer’s life as their primary business base and embodies a particular culture’s interests, opinions, and attitudes, it is known as a lifestyle restaurant. In today’s world, lifestyle restaurants are much needed. 

We can’t think of our life without the restaurant because the restaurant and lifestyle are on the same track. You will get the best example from this fantastic restaurant that we’re talking about here. Besides, it is the best example of a lifestyle restaurant. 

In this restaurant, we find that they give the utmost preference to their customer. Therefore, they collect the ingredients from the local farms. Also, they have an option to taste the local food. They make their menu according to their customer preference. If you read the menu section, you will find the difference.

Unique Restaurent

Do you need to compromise in any sense to make the food accessible to everyone?

Healthy food is essential for everyone. But Nowadays, the Accessibility of affordable healthy food is difficult. Restaurants should take some steps to make easily accessible food, most importantly, healthy food. 

They can make a special section on the menu for healthy food and make special recipes that attract the younger generation. They can provide the nutrition facts of every food item on the menu. We can also provide information on the ingredients of every item. 

To highlight the menu, they can make the price reasonable as much as they can and add a special discount for the students. We have to Make sure the restaurant is placed in a busy area that contains schools, universities, and offices. 

The younger generation can easily take their meals from the restaurant, make health-conscious-based advertisements to make people think about making healthy food, and realize how important it is to get healthy food in Daily life. 

After all this, they also have to consider restaurant business and profits. They have to balance making healthy food and providing them in a cheaper way to survive in business.

Here comes the beautiful story. And you already get the point of true kitchen food, don’t you?  This amazing restaurant and food chain has all the above considerations. And they are trying their best to provide healthy foods at a reasonable price. 

What makes a restaurant unique and best of all?

You can initiate your creative ideas and progress in management. In the competitive market, you have to take customers’ attention. Therefore, you have to make your Restaurant unique in food quality and service Systems to get customer satisfaction and reputation. 

To make sure customer satisfaction, there are so many options and ideas you can optimize. The decoration comes first. You have to decorate the restaurant in a classic way with more space. Every customer and customer of every generation can sit there with satisfaction and spend much time happily. 

And that should be attractive to the younger generation too. Also, the menu should be written in a creative form. You can make the menu more informative by providing nutrition facts and ingredients of the foods.  

We can provide a live kitchen to the customers to see how your chef makes food for them and how they care about quality. You can give customers a different space Right to make Their own meal for some specific course that needs fewer materials and time. That will be attractive to the customers. 

These all are the possible ways one can follow to make a restaurant great. Also, you may find some other unique ways to make your business more customer-oriented. 

But you will find one thing common in pretty much everywhere, and that is the quality of the food. You have to maintain the quality if you want to make a sustainable business in the long run.

However, in a true food kitchen, you will find all the features. Besides, you will discover some more interesting factors by reading this article surely.

Is True Food Kitchen a franchise?

No. The company owners own all the kitchen stores and outlets. They monitor and control the food chain thoroughly. All the 25 locations are in the same circle. It helps them to rank in the top 500 restaurant chains in the USA.

Does true food kitchen have a happy hour?

Yes, it has a happy hour from 3 am to 6 am from Monday to Friday every week. At that time, you may enjoy the $5 menu five days a week. Also, you will get other offers on Monday. It might be half the normal price. So don’t miss the chance to go on Monday and enjoy the discount.

Is True Food Kitchen Healthy?

Undoubtedly yes. Healthy food is their main business concern. And they make their business chain based on their quality services and healthy foods. We already talked about it before; you may reread the article to get the proper idea.

Do they charge any additional cost with the Gift Card?

No. All you need to pay is the card value and the shipping cost. And when you order the digital card, the shipping cost won’t be there. It is an excellent customer-oriented business strategy. For this reason, customers place gift card orders and enjoy eating by using them without any hassle.

Final Verdict

The restaurant is now part and parcel of our life. It serves one of the most important fundamental needs in a sense. In this case, a true food kitchen is the best example. It serves quality food to make the customer’s life better.  

Moreover, the restaurant is the best example of a successful food chain. In fact, it is in the top 500 restaurants in the USA. Their food quality is awesome, and their customers are delighted with their services. 

However, we have tried to come up with pretty much everything about this amazing food chain. Now you know about this excellent restaurant thoroughly. If needed, you may go through their official and business website and place your first online order there. I hope it will be a nice experience.