Wood is an inevitable material in our daily life. No matter what you have in your house, wooden furniture must be there. The same goes for kitchen utensils— wooden kitchen utensils, including spoon and spatula, mostly used tools. 

Since ancient times, people have started to use wood made tools in their daily life. But in today’s world, you might notice aluminium tools are getting popular. Still, some people love to use wooden kitchen utensils and other wooden tools.

In this write-up, we will show you the importance of using wood made kitchen tools. Besides, we will cover the benefits of using those tools in your daily life. 

Benefits of using wooden kitchen utensils 

After using wooden cooking tools for some days, you will love them. They are easy to use, and you may replace the stainless or aluminum kitchen tools with wooden tools.

Heating issue

Metal or stainless kitchen tools extremely absorb heat. Therefore you can comfortably use a metal spoon or spatula either. At the same time, a rubbery spoon also does the same.

In this case, the wooden spoon can give you great relief. Wood cant is heated. Hence, you can use them for cooking. This is by far the best benefit of using wooden kitchen utensils.

Scratch-free utensils 

When you use a metal spatula or spoon to your non-stick pan fry or any other utensils, there is a high chance of leaving some scratches. It is a common struggle for most cooks.

In this regard, wooden made spoons and utensils would be the best. They can make any single scratch on your frying pan or other kitchen tools.

Simultaneously, wooden made kitchen tools will let you enjoy the fresh non-stick or aluminum tools.


Despite a rough use, wooden kitchen utensils will give long service. They don’t break easily. In fact, they don’t melt; rather, they withstand heat. 

Moreover, after using wooden tools for a long time, you can see they don’t lose their usability. That makes the real difference between a wooden instrument and a metal or an aluminum one. However, you may use the sand to clean your wood made kitchen tools easily.

Anti-germs and bacteria facility 

Plastic and metal are most likely germs and bacteria friendly. At the same time, wood doesn’t let them grow. Research proves the incident. 

Metal spoons and rubber spatula help the bacteria and germs grow faster. But wood has a natural antibacterial feature.

Unique Design Kitchen


In general, you will find all the metal made utensils look alike. You hardly find any unique design that meets your artistic needs. Pretty much every spoon and other tools are made with a similar design.

But in wooden made kitchen utensils, you will find varieties of design and outlook. The maker can give unique designs in their making process. And it’s straightforward to let a design on the wood surface.


Easy to grip is a vital part of cooking. When you cook anything, you always need to use something constantly. Therefore tools with a comfortable and easy grip will give you the best cooking experience.

In this case, wood-made kitchen tools will allow you to grip something easily. The metal tools might get slippery. The heating issue is also there. So, wooden cooking tools are the best available option here as well.

Other benefits

So far, we talked about the major benefits of using wooden kitchen utensils visible to everyone. However, there are some environmental benefits as well.

Environmentally conscious people can find wooden tools as the best available option. As the wood is non-toxic, we can make sure our food does not emit any toxic materials from the metal. Also, cooking tools that are made with wood can’t leave any metallic taste in your food. 

Also, the wood can’t react with the acid. Therefore, you can make sure a fresh cooking food at your kitchen.

Also, the health benefits are there. Wood has a great advantage. When germs go with the wood, they just can’t go back to the food. This feature is great in terms of cooking.

Drawbacks of using wooden kitchen utensils

Besides the advantages, there are some minor drawbacks to using wooden kitchen tools. First of all, wooden tools are hard to clean. If any wood made tools get scratches, you can’t remove them by using any chemical. That’s why you might feel irritated by seeing your new wooden spoon get some easy scratches.

After that, wooden cooking tools lose their glossy finish soon. After buying wood made tools, you will find they lose the glossy feel by using for a week only. But you may enjoy the metal tools for a long time with the original glossy finish.

What wood is best for kitchen utensils?

Ramin wood is the best available option to make kitchen utensils. They are very soft and porous. Therefore, utensils made up of Ramin wood should be your priority. At the same time, hardwood is also a good choice. In reality, you will find most of the wooden tools are made with hardwood.

Are our wooden kitchen utensils safe?

Undoubtedly yes, wooden kitchen utensils are always safe. Though they are porous, they don’t return any germs and bacteria to your food once the germs attach to wood. And we already talked about the other benefits.

What is the best wooden spoon for cooking?

You will find some affordable bamboo spoons in the market. They are also easy to use. But the best wooden spoon made with maple, beech, and olive woods always has great quality. If you need a durable and quality wooden spoon, make sure the wood is from any of those trees.

When should you throw away wooden spoons?

Another great concern for the wooden tools users and you need to know the perfect time to throw away your wooden spoons. Wooden tools absorb moisture easily.

Therefore bacteria might be there as well. For this reason, you need to replace the wooden kitchen tools every 5 years.