Junk food has always had a slightly negative connotation. This is because this type of food is associated with a low contribution of nutrients to our body. But that idea is not so accurate, and that’s why today we talk a little bit about the Mcdouble nutrition.

We will review the information you need to know about this meal. Besides, we also take a journey through the consequences of junk food on our health. And we culminate with some tips that will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Read on to find out more about this tasty and famous dish.

Mcdouble Nutrition Board

All foods have several nutrients that improve our health. Generally, you find these nutrients in foods such as meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, among others. But you don’t only get these in healthy foods. And here we will investigate a little bit on that subject.

To begin, we should review the Mcdouble nutrition board. This meal has many proven ingredients that provide a certain amount of nutrients to our body. And here we explain what they are: 

  • Serving Size:149g
  • Calories: 370 calories
  • Fat: 17 grams (26% Daily Value)
  • Saturated Fat: 8g
  • Trans Fat: 0.5g
  • Saturated and Trans Fat: (43% Daily Value)
  • Cholesterol: 60 milligrams
  • Sodium: 850 milligrams (35% Daily Value)
  • Carbohydrates: 34 grams (11% Daily Value)
  • Fiber: 2 grams (8% Daily Value)
  • Sugar: 7 grams
  • Protein: 21 grams
  • Vitamin A: (6% Daily Value)
  • Vitamin C: (2% Daily Value)
  • Iron: (25% Daily Value)
  • Calcium: (10% Daily Value)

As you can see, this small meal brings with it a large number of nutrients in its composition. From vitamins to essential minerals that your body needs. But, are all these components enough for balanced nutrition?

Although visually, the Mcdouble nutrition board may look rich in nutrients and vitamins, not everything we see there is good for our health. Living a healthy life with balanced food goes beyond eating junk food that ensures you have all the necessary nutrients. 

That’s why you have to handle the right data and don’t get guided by half-hearted information. Read below the impacts that this food has on your body.

Impact of junk food on our health

Although the Mcdouble nutrition boards look complete, it doesn’t include a significant amount of several nutrients such as folate.

The truth is that yes, Mcdouble provides all those nutrients mentioned above. However, you have to keep in mind that this burger also contains other harmful ingredients full of saturated fats and high amounts of sodium.

Furthermore, when we consume this type of food, we don’t just order a burger alone. Usually, this meal comes with french fries, fried onions, sugary drinks, among other foods with a lot of fat and sugars.

This type of food lives up to its name. Therefore, eating junk food with frequency can cause several damages to our health. From heart problems, diabetes, kidney problems, to organ failure.

Tips For Eating Healthier

Tips for eating healthier

If you are on the street and do not have time to prepare food at home, try to choose restaurants that offer salads or similar meals. This type of fast-food business is usually budget-friendly, and its food has healthier nutrients.

Although there are these low-cost foods that can provide more nutrients to our body, it is always better to opt for other options. Eating at home and taking care of your eating habits will be the best way to lead a healthy life.

Leave that Mcdouble nutrition behind, stick to these tips, and give your body what it needs:

Prepare different food at home: to avoid getting bored with food at home, try new dishes. Nowadays, the internet provides an easy way to cook several meals. Therefore, you can check out food blogs and start experimenting. This activity will help your health and be a great hobby.

Eat more fruits and vegetables: sometimes we take for granted the benefits that an apple or broccoli can have on our health. Therefore, we must create the habit of including vegetables to accompany our daily meals. As well as replacing cookies or other sweets with fruits that provide more nutrients to our body.

Eat moderate portions: instead of limiting yourself to eat the food you like, moderate them. You should not deprive yourself of the food you enjoy eating, but you should not consume it in excess. Apply this, especially if your favorite food does not contain favorable nutrients for your body.

Drink more water: we are mostly composed of water, that’s why it is important to ingest it regularly. Try to carry with you a bottle of water that you can always see. You can also put alarms on your phone that reminds you to drink water. Don’t forget to drink at least two liters of water per day.

Practice more exercises: the exercises will lead you to take care of your food. Either because you want to look better or because with more physical activity you will have more appetite. The truth is that staying active will make you think about your health and food life.

What did we learn about Mcdouble nutrition?

The truth is that it all comes down to balance. You can’t lead a life believing in the Mcdouble nutrition levels are enough, but neither should you eliminate this food from your life. As long as your daily food has present vegetables, fruits, and homemade food with healthy ingredients, you won’t have to worry.

Sometimes you can include some junk food in your day. As long as you manage to keep a balance, there won’t be a negative impact on your health.

So you know, balance and moderation, rather than deprivation, the way to achieve that healthy life you want so much.