Many people are earning handsomely from the YouTube channels, but few channels become examples for others. Among these few channels, one is Guga Foods.

Guga Foods is a YouTube channel owned by Mr. Gustavo Tosta, a Brazilian born chef, and he shares his personal recipes on the Guga Foods channel.

His channel is much popular worldwide. He only uploads one or two videos in a week, and his video’s average views per video are over one million.

Today, I will share details about that channel and how much Mr. Gustavo Tosta is earning from the Guga Foods channel?

Who is Mr. Gustavo Tosta of Guga Foods?

Mr. Gustavo Tosta is the owner of the Guga foods YouTube channel. He is a Brazilian born who then shifted to America. He starts working in the USA in the office for many years; he practiced cooking foods at home and in his office during his job at the office.

He keeps trying different recipes and makes him perfect at cooking. Gustavo found many new tasty recipes; he left his job and started his career as a chef. He creates his YouTube channel with his nickname Guga Foods.

Since its creation, his channel became popular, and people love his shared recipes on the Guga Foods channel.

Mr. Gustavo Tosta of Guga Foods

What Type of recipe Guga Food channel share?

If you have a love for food, you will surely know about the Guga Foods channel’s recipes. Most recipes that share on the channel are favorite BBQ’s, meats styled dishes and special Brazilian Churrasco.

These include hundreds of recipe videos, including tasty, deep-fried meat, chicken drum sticks, cheeseburgers, filet mignon and many other recipes. But the most famous recipe and ingredients that Gustavo uses in his recipes is steak.

In most of the videos, Gustavo has seen buying several steaks and making different recipes with steaks. Gustavo introduces new and delicious recipes every week for his channel viewers. 

What Income Guga Foods generate from YouTube?

This YouTube channel has more than 2. 39 million subscribers, and channel total views have increased from 274 million. One video shared on the Guga Foods channel collects more than 1.16 M views.

People love to watch the new experiences of Guga on his YouTube channel. Guga uploads one or two videos a week; most of the videos cross one million viewers before a week.

Guga Foods channel gets more than five hundred thousand views in a day from many sources. Guga food’s average daily estimated earnings are more than 600 dollars.

Due to the many views and subscribers, Gustavo makes more than 2500 dollars from the videos daily. The estimated annual income of the Guga foods YouTube channel is more than one million dollars a year.

In the year 2020, the Guga Foods channel gets more than 2 million dollars from YouTube. You may wonder to know about Gustavo’s earnings, but it is true.

How is it possible to earn millions of dollars from YouTube? Let me explain

Generally, YouTube Channels earn 3 dollars to 10 dollars on a thousand monetized views; it varies upon advertisers; some offer high prices and some low prices. But the average ranges are between three dollars to ten dollars on every 1000 views.

From the above data, we can estimate Guga Foods‘ earnings from YouTube; its daily views are more than 500K. If we take an average of five dollars for one thousand, it means it is earning up to 2500 dollars daily.

Gustavo earns from other sources

What is the net worth of Guga Foods?

Gustavo Tosta has become one of the popular chefs in the world of cooking. People love to see his new recipes on YouTube his delicious and unique recipes on YouTube Channel, especially steaks.

Mr. Gustavo uses the typical methods for vlogging his cooking videos; he makes his videos so much clear and easy that everyone understands recipes well and can easily try them at home.

Due to its best features in videos, people love to see his videos, and with every new day, Guga foods subscribers and views are increasing. 

Guga Foods’ current estimated net worth is more than 2 million dollars. But it is just a start and the net worth of Guga foods increasing day by day.

Have Gustavo earns from other sources?

Yes, Gustavo also has another channel YouTube channel that also becomes an additional income source for Guga.

He created a channel with the name “Sous vide everything.” On that channel, Mr. Guga shares all types of recipes such as pork, fish, poultry and beef but in sous vide style.

Current subscribers of that channel are exceeding from 1.32 million, and overall views on that channel are more than 180 million.

Gustavo also attaches both of his channels on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He is also earning from these social media platforms. 

On Instagram, Guga Foods have more than 16K followers, while on Facebook, more than 22000 people follow Guga Foods. These platforms are also contributing to generating income for Mr. Gustavo.

What rumors are about Gustavo and Ninja?

Gustavo takes shots of his videos at home during the pandemic and does not work with Ninja these days. There were rumors that Gustavo has fired the ninja. 

But Gustavo explains that he and Ninja decided to work at home only due to the pandemic. There is no other problem between them, and they have big plans together for the future.

Final Thoughts:

No doubt the internet is a source of information and knowledge for people. But some people with low maintenance cost and with integrity, earning a lot of money that we never think of.

YouTube is the best platform to earn for people, and Guga Foods is among the list of top earners on YouTube.

Mr. Gustavo Tosta, with integrity, skills, hardworking and passion, create recipes videos in steak styles and shares them on his YouTube channel. He also runs another linked channel, “Sous vides everything” millions of subscribers and views are continuously increasing on both channels and generating millions of dollars.