Life is so busy now than before; we meet different challenges that keep us busy in different activities with every new day. People with time make changes in their lifestyle and finding new ways to meet their needs. One of the most common behaviours people adopt is to take their meals from cafés and restaurants instead of preparing them. Because you do not have time to make meals for yourself, but some meal ideas such as a buttery nipple recipe can solve your problem.

Why buttery nipple recipe because it takes less than five minutes to prepare simply at home. You can make it any time before leaving your house and can get a healthy diet. When you come late at home and want a quick energy source or planned an urgent party for your friends, it is a good choice.

Why buttery nipple recipe best?

Have you ever miss the taste of butterscotch that you eat in your childhood? Why children love to eat it? Because there were various choices for them, such as buttery, creamy, and bowl of butterscotch, if you want to enjoy the taste of butterscotch, then try thebuttery nipple recipe.

When you make that recipe at home, it takes less time to prepare; if you have the ingredients with you, it will not take more than five minutes to prepare and serve.

So, it is best for everyone who does not have much time to make a meal for him, but he needs a quick and tasty meal experience.

How To Make Buttery Nipple Recipe

How to make a buttery nipple recipe?

Here I will guide you with some ways that will help you to prepare a buttery nipple recipe in five minutes, read the content and know how you can make it in your kitchen.

Time for the recipe:

The total time for that recipe is only 2 to 5 minutes, but only possible if you have all of the ingredients in line with you.

So, to save your time, always keep all of the ingredients and check them carefully before starting your work; it will also make your working smooth.

What tool you need to arrange?

If you want to make a buttery nipple recipe at home, you will need to arrange the following tools necessary to make that recipe.

You will need a mini measuring cup to measure the ingredients, but there is also an option for you to use a jigger in place of a mini cup.

To make that recipe, you will also need a shot glass with a heavy bottom and a bar spoon; it is necessary to float the cocktail.

Ingredients for the recipe

To make a buttery nipple recipe, you will need to follow these ingredients.

  • Take 1 oz. butterscotch schnapps( Dekuyper)
  • You will also need ½ oz. Baileys Irish cream liqueur

How to make that recipe?

It is very simple to make that buttery nipple recipe; even your child of age ten can make it easier.

  • First of all, start with measuring the ingredients; you can use a jigger to measure the ingredients.
  • After measuring the ingredients, take a chilled shot glass and pour the butterscotch schnapps in the glass.
  • In the next step, you will need a bar spoon; with its help, pour the Irish cream over the back of the bar spoon slowly; it will help you create the layer in the glass’s bottom.
  • It’s done; enjoy the delicious buttery nipple.


Buttery nipple recipe is a healthy meal for you that will provide you with healthy nutrients that will full you. You will get 119 kcal, ten grams of carbohydrates, five grams of proteins, fats only two grams, one gram of saturated fats, sodium one grams and nine grams of sugar.

What substitutes you can use?

To make that recipe favorite for you, you can add various ingredients to make your party wilder.

  • You have the option to make it a slipper nipple by using Sambuca as a substitute for the butterscotch, which gives you anise flavor.
  • There is also an option for you to add the drop of grenadine at the end, which will create a “nipple” look. To make it more favorite, you can reduce the schnapps’ quantity to one ounce and add half an ounce of vodka, Goldschlager or fireball in it, but add them before floating the Irish cream.
  • You can also use amaretto by reducing the amount of schnapps, but it also needs to add before floating the Irish cream.

Is there any alcohol use in the buttery nipple recipe?

You can use Sambuca in the buttery nipple recipe; it will give you a flavor of anise, it is a colorless material. Sambuca is an Italian flavored liqueur; its taste is the same as the other liquors.

Can I use Water when drinking it?

It includes alcohol; if you are not habitual of alcohol and wants to neat it, you can add some water to make it neat to drink. But do not add too much quantity, which damages its taste. Use a moderate quantity of water to make it suitable for you.

What are alcoholic substitutes in that recipe?

You have bundles of choices to add substitute ingredients in it; you can add Vodka, Goldschlager or fireball, which also helps you taste the alcohol.

Is it possible to make it non-alcoholic?

Yes, if you do not like alcohol, you have many options, and you can add Werther’s. But if you want to enjoy an alcohol-free drink, you can also use Torani Butterscotch syrup or Irish cream (homemade).

Type Of Glass I Use With Butter Nipple Recipe

What type of glass I use with the butter nipple recipe?

The choice of glass depends on preparing the recipe; if you want to create a layer with Irish cream, you will need a clear shot glass with a thick bottom.

But if your plan is to mix the drink, you can choose any of the shot glass you like.

How can I layer the cocktail in a buttery nipple recipe?

Among the tools, the bar spoon will help you make a cocktail layer; you can also use a small spoon if you do not have a bar spoon. But when you are making the layer, then hold the spoon in your hand, but make sure it touches the inside of the glass and touching the first layer.

When you make sure it is properly inserted in the glass, then tilts it down slightly; when you are tilting it down, start adding liquid slowly on the spoon’s backside. It will gently raise the spoon in the glass when the liquid increase in the glass.

Is it possible to make a full-size cocktail?

Yes, when you make the buttery nipple recipe, you can make a cocktail that is not a shot by mixing it in the same quantities of the ingredients, but you will need ice. After that, you will need to strain it in a rock or martini glass.

Is there any difference between the buttery nipple and the slippery nipple?

Both of them are made from the same ingredients, but they’re only one difference of ingredient between these two recipes. You will need butterscotch schnapps for the buttery nipple recipe, while the slipper nipple recipe uses Sambuca.

How butterscotch liqueur tastes?

Do you remember the taste of butterscotch that you eat in your childhood; there is no difference in the butterscotch liqueur’s taste from the butterscotch. It also provides you with a sweet taste, but it comes in a melt form, which prepares by blending the butter and brown sugar.

What does it mean nipple shot?

Nipple shot is a layer that is composed of two liqueurs and sometimes added at the end just by dropping a couple of drops of grenadine syrup. These are also known as alcoholic beverages.

Does Irish Liqueur cream contain alcohol?

“Yes,” the Irish liqueur contains alcohol up to 17 percent of its volume, giving it cocoa, Irish whiskey, and creamy flavor.

Is there any difference between Liqueur and schnapps?

Schnapps is distilled and fermented, made by mixing the neutral grain spirit with some other flavor such as fruit flavor; it also includes the sugar to make it like the syrup.

While the liqueur is made by adding fruits, herbs, flowers, nuts, cream, and spices that are steeped in fermented and then distilled with alcohol and at the end sugar added in it.

Can I store that in the freezer?

Some people also store a buttery nipple in the freezer, but we will not recommend you because it should use immediately after its preparation. Its taste will damage when you store it in your freezer.


Buttery nipple recipe is one of the best recipes which are tasty, delicious, and prepare in a couple of minutes. It is also good for health because it contains carbs, calories, proteins, fats, and other nutrients. You can make it to your home any time when you need.