A cup of tea with some biscuits can make your day wonderful. You must have had many types of biscuits, but the best damn vegan biscuits are different from the others. 

Vegan biscuits are one kind of fluffy and buttery biscuits that are perfect for your breakfast. These biscuits are even better when they are covered with jam at the table during breakfast. 

With its savory, fluffy, buttery combination, this biscuit will even change the mind of the most hot-headed person in your family.

Most importantly, making this biscuit is so simple and easy, and you can try this at your home if you learn the procedure of making the best damn vegan biscuits

Why should you love the best damn vegan biscuits?

  • They are very fast and easy to make 
  • You need only 7 ingredients and one bowl
  • They are tender, flaky biscuits
  • You can add cheese, herbs, spices
  • They are delicious with sweet or savory toppings

How to make the best damn vegan biscuits?

Here are some easy and simple ways you can try to figure out the issue. So, let’s begin. 

  • Unbleached all-purpose flour
  • Non-dairy butter
  • Sea salt
  • Baking powder
  • Baking soda
  • Plain almond milk
  • Lemon juice
  • Jams or honey
  • Pure maple syrup( Not compulsory)
  • Coconut oil
  • Coconut milk( Not compulsory)

Steps To Make Vegan Biscuits:

Some steps for making the best damn vegan biscuits are here. Let’s shoot.

Step-1. In the first step, preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. Next to that, you need to mix some lemon juice with almond milk so that you can easily make “vegan buttermilk.” 

Step-2. Get a large bowl and mix all the dry ingredients in that bowl.

Step-3. Add cold butter, and you can use your fingers, or you can take a pastry cutter to mix the two until it seems like sand and no large pieces are left. Don’t let the butter get excessively warm, so you should work fast.

Step-4. Get a well in the dry ingredients. Take a wooden spoon and stir slowly while you pour in the mixture of almond milk.

Keep stirring till the slight combination, and then it gets to be sticky.

Step-5. Cover the surface area of the biscuits with flour. Then, very slowly, get one dough over on another dough for 6-7 times. 

Step-6. Make a 1″-thick disc, managing as little as possible.

Step-7. Now, you need to use a dough cutter that is 1 inch thick, or you can try an object-like cutter and pull right on the dough. 

Now, gently twist. Twist again and get your biscuits down on the baking sheets in two rows. Make sure they touch, and it will help them rise singly. 

Slowly reshape the dough and cut out several biscuits. 

Step-8. In this step, polish the tops with a little amount of liquid non-dairy butter and slightly squeeze a small divot in the center. To do this, you should use your two fingers. 

It helps them stand evenly. That’s why the middle doesn’t appear like a dome.

Step-9. Bake them for at least 15 minutes until they get to be fluffy and savory. Enjoy the biscuits instantly.

Make all the biscuits cool and store them in a jar or a bag for future use.

How can you store vegan biscuits for future use?

When you have almost done baking biscuits, it’s time to store these biscuits for future use. 

There are many ways to store these biscuits. However, we will give you some extra-efficient techniques. Here we go.

1 to 2 days: When you intend to store biscuits for 1 to 2 days at the usual temperature of your room, you should cover all the biscuits with a clean and fresh towel, or you can use an airtight jar.

1 week: When you go for storing biscuits for at least 1 week in your fridge, you should allow them to get to room temperature before you serve, or you can reheat in a 350-degree oven.

3 months: If you want to store these biscuits for up to 3 months, you should use a sealed container. Reheat in a 350-degree oven before you serve.

Top 10 ways to serve best damn vegan biscuits

These vegan biscuits are so tasty. You’ll want to eat them with just about everything! Here are our top ways to eat these vegan biscuits.

1. You can serve these Biscuits with Gravy 

2. Corn Chowder and these biscuits

3. Vegan biscuits smothered with maple syrup

4. Vegan biscuits with Split Pea Soup

5. These biscuits With strawberry jam 

6. BBQ soy curls and vegan biscuits

7. Instant Pot vegan chili and these biscuits

8. Lentil Soup and best damn vegan biscuits

9. Wild Rice Soup with vegan biscuits

10. As aside for dinner on vacation

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question): Best Damn Vegan Biscuits

Question-1. Are Oreo biscuits vegan?

Answer: Oreo biscuits aren’t vegan. Milk is the ingredient of Oreo cookies as a cross-contact. That’s why it isn’t perfect vegan. 

That implies that a little amount of milk could have contacted the biscuits or the things used to make them.

Question-2. Which Oreo flavors are vegan?

Answer: It isn’t easy to find out the exact flavors that don’t connect with animal products. 

However, Oreo flavors come with the following ingredients.

  • Mint
  • Birthday Cake (Golden)
  • Carrot Cake
  • Butter (Peanut) and
  • Chocolate (Dark)

Question-3. Is Vegan Biscuits healthy?

Answer: Vegetarian and vegan products are naturally healthy. However, these products are out of certain nutrients. 

You could use a little of your knowledge to ensure that you are getting enough protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin B12 from your vegan biscuits. 

Most importantly, you will get many of these nutrients in eggs and dairy if you’re vegetarian and from plant sources, if you’re vegan.

Question-4. Which McVities biscuits are vegan?

Answer: McVities biscuits are very popular among the people of Great Britain. These biscuits are vegan.

Instagram account Vegan Food UK states that McVities Original Digestives go with vegans after the change in the recently modified recipe.


Vegan biscuits are being popular among people who live fresh and healthy. So, start your day with the best damn vegan biscuits and enjoy your life.