Cooking is an art. Having so many different methods, you can follow anyone, or even you can create a new cooking process as well. But you can’t replace the right way to cook Air Fryer Tater Tots.

Also, tater tots in air fryer is a unique cooking process. You need to follow the correct procedure. After following the perfect way, you will get the best tater tots.

However, in this write up, we will get you through the entire tater tots cooking method. So please don’t skip any part of it. Also, it will be a good guideline, indeed.

What is tater tot?

Tater tot is a recipe for deep-frying potatoes. You can variously fry potatoes. But to get the authentic flavor and taste, you need to know how to make air fry tater tots. And we will talk about that later in this article.

Tater tots are a delicious fast food item. Potatoes are having a crispy layer on the outside and soft in the centre. And you will only get the perfect potato nuggets by following the cooking process of the tater tots air fryer.

How to make air fryer tater tots:

The cooking process always comes up with some ingredients. The same goes for air fryer tater tots. Here you will need:

  1. Air fryer
  2. Standard size potatoes 
  3. Salt
  4. Chopped fresh parsley 
  5. Seasoned paper
  6. Onion powder
  7. Peanut oil

These are the ingredients for making tater tots in air fryer. Now it’s time to follow some steps to cook the tater tots properly.

Step 1: The first ingredient is potato. And it would help if you prepared the potatoes before doing anything else. 

You need to put the potatoes into a pot and put some water until it adequately covers the potatoes. Keep in mind that you need to boil the potatoes, so get enough water. After that, cook them for about 10 minutes. And then let them cool for another 10-15 minutes.

Step 2: In this step, you need to prepare the potatoes for frying. After getting the cool potatoes, it’s time to shred them into thin strips. You can use a box grater to get a perfect size. 

After that, put flour, onion powder, salt, seasoned paper, and parsley and mix them well. Now try to give the potatoes nuggets size and shape. Now your potatoes are ready to fry.

Step 3: Put the peanut oil into a fryer. And let it get 350-400 degrees f. And then it will be ready for the tater tots.

Step 4: It’s the final step. After getting the perfect temperature, you can fry your potatoes but don’t put them all at once—instead, fry 6-10 pieces at a time. 

And let them fry until they get brown color and crispy. You can fry them for 4-5 minutes. And then place them into a paper towel.

Now your tater tots air fryers are ready to serve. Enjoy having some fresh and homemade air fryer tater tots. 

How to cook tater tots healthily?

Cook Tater Tots

Crispy taters tots are mouth watery. But it would help if you fried them deeply. Here stands the air fryer. The air fryer will give you restaurant type tater tots. In terms of healthy frying, air fryer is the best option.

The air fryer is an oven type container that doesn’t require too much oil for deep frying. It needs a generic amount of oil but will give you an excellent deep-frying experience. Thus you can get healthy air fryer tater tots at your home.

Tips for frying potatoes in the air fryer

You already know what an air fryer is, right? Well, some tips might help you make your cooking experience more convenient with the new air fryer.

Frying potatoes is always a challenging subject. But an air fryer will make it easier. First of all, the cooking time. Cooking time depends on the potato thickness and texture. For a thin and small potato slice, they will take 4-5 minutes approximately. But for thick slices, you might need to adjust the time accordingly.

Before buying a new air fryer, make sure it has manual temperature control. Also, there are different types of air fryers available. Be sure to check the manuals. It will help you to operate smoothly.

How to store tater tots

Keep in mind that air fryer tater tots are always advisable to eat just after the cooking. But in most cases, you might require to store tater tots for eating soon. Therefore you can use two methods. One is to use the sealable bag, and the other one is an airtight container.

In both cases, you will need a freezer. Without frost the tater tots, you can’t use them further. Besides, frozen tater tots are the best option you will find in the Super shop. Come to the point, after putting your tater tots in the sealable bag or airtight container, put them in the freezer. And make sure they are frozen.

Now it’s time to defrost the tater tots and fry them again for the next step. When you need to use frozen potatoes, you need time.

At first, bring the potatoes out or the freezer. Please leave them at room temperature and let them defrost. After that, use the air fryer and make it 400 degrees f. Now you can put the defrost potatoes and fry them. That’s how you can enjoy the defrost air fryer tater tots.

What can you serve with tater tots?

Air fry tater tots is a party kind of food. You may serve it to your friend circle or family members. However, you can serve the air fry tater tots along with some extra cheese or main course.

Tater tots in air fryer can be used as a dessert. You can add an extra layer over the tots. That’s how you can make the potatoes more delicious and mouth watery. Your guest will love it. 

Besides, potato mash is an excellent food item that goes with the tater tots perfectly. At the same time, you can add your favorite sauce. It will enhance the tater tots’ taste. In a nutshell, you can use sauce, cheese layer, and potato mash with your favorite air fryer tater tots.

How do you make tater tots extra crispy?

Crispy tater tots are extremely enjoyable. Most people love to eat crispy tater tots. But if you’re a vast crisp fan, you might need some extra crispy on your potato tater tots.

First thing, bake your existing potatoes first. And then you can put an extra crispy layer upon the potatoes. Keep in mind; you need ¼ inch of oil in the skillet to get the extra crispiness. Moreover, extra crispiness will give you excess fat.

Secret tips to get perfect air-fried tater tots:

Perfect air fryer tater tots need some secret but straightforward tips. We already give you generic tips and the process of cooking tots. Now it’s time to have some secret tips to make it more exciting and perfect.

First, you need to know the number of potatoes you should put into the fryer. The simple suggestion is to make one layer of potatoes on the fryer. It becomes the first secret. 

One single layer would be enough to fry at a time. Now the number depends on your fryer size. But make sure the potatoes fill up one layer correctly without putting any pressure. And then let them fry properly.

The second secret would be to preheat the fryer properly. For a large air fryer, make sure it goes to 400 degrees f. It is the perfect temperature to fry the potatoes. Other than that, there will be no surety to get proper tater tots, let alone the perfect one.

How do you keep tater tots from getting soggy?

When you fry the potatoes, make sure it gets the doneness. After frying, the essential task is to remove the extra oil from the tater tots. Otherwise, you get the soggy tater tots that won’t give you the perfect. 

So, you need to put your frying tots on the paper towel and let them dry properly. That’s how you can keep air fry tater tots from getting soggy.

Final Thoughts 

Air fryer tater tots are always good snacks. Also, you can use it as a dessert item. Whatever the intention is, you will require to follow those steps to get perfect tater tots in the air fryer. Don’t forget to follow the secret tips as well.

However, potatoes have different recipes. Tater tots are one of them. But to give it the next level of perfection, you need proper guidelines. That’s what we talked about in this entire article. If required, give it a second read. It will help to get the perfect tater tots indeed