Garlic is the closest relative of onions. It belongs to the Allium family. It has several health benefits that can serve as One stop nutrition for you. The old science of India, Ayurveda, and modern science has acknowledged the various aspects of health benefits that are being provided by garlic. 

If you want to get all the information about the various kinds of garlic’s health benefits, keep on reading. Here are the ten most important health benefits of garlic that you should get for your body.

Garlic is One stop nutrition for so many health problems. It is a readily available spice for every Indian recipe. So, you should know how to use garlic to get its optimum benefits.

Contains Compounds with Medicinal Properties

It is proven that garlic contains so many compounds with various medicinal properties. Many of its medicinal properties come from the Sulphur it contains. 

Every medicinal property of garlic is well scripture by many major civilizations. When we chop, crush or chew the garlic, it is believed that it forms sulfur compounds, which is the reason for most of the health benefits it causes. 

There is a compound, namely allicin. It is present in the fresh garlic when it is crushed or chopped. 

Some other compounds that have a crucial role in creating health benefits of garlic are diallyl disulfide and s-allyl cysteine. All the sulfur compounds that garlic has entered our body through the digestive tract and show its benefits all over the body.

Less in Calorie

We often tend to eat foods that are low in calories. Garlic is a One stop nutrition for you if you have ever wanted to cut your calories. It is a highly nutritious food with all the health benefits you want to get but fewer calories.

One clove that means 3 gm of garlic comprises selenium, Vitamin C, manganese, Vitamin B6, and fiber of 2%, 2%, 1%, 1%, and 0.06 grams, respectively. It has only 4.5 calories along with 1gram of carbohydrate and 0.2-gram protein. 

It has almost every nutrient you need to maintain a balanced diet in little amount. That’s why garlic is best One stop nutrition for you.

One Stop Nutrition In A Clove Of Garlic

Combat Common Cold Easily

The supplements that garlic has been known to increase the immune system’s function to a great extent. A study has revealed that garlic reduces 63% of the common cold in comparison with other medicines. 

Using garlic in your day-to-day diet, you can reduce your common cold length from 5-7 days to 2-3 days. It will improve your immune system. 

Extracting a high amount of aged garlic can reduce the chances of getting sick with cold by almost 60%. 

Although extra research is required to gain the exact evidence, adding garlic to your daily diet, you can get rid of cold symptoms to a great extent.

Reduces Blood pressure

According to research, more people suffer from various cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks. But garlic can reduce it to a great extent.

These heart attacks and other carrion related diseases are often the outcomes of high blood pressure or hypertension. 

Studies have found that garlic supplements have a very significant amount of impact on the blood pressure your body maintains. 

An efficient study has revealed that only 600-1500 mg of aged garlic extract can be as effective as a drug named atenolol that reduces blood pressure over 24 weeks.

But to get the best possible result out of garlic extraction, you should add the doses as high as possible.

Improves Cholesterol Level

Garlic can lower both normal and LDL cholesterol levels. For people suffering from health problems due to high cholesterol levels, garlic extracts are supposed to reduce their cholesterol level by 10-15%. 

We have both good and bad cholesterols in our body, namely LDL and HDL. Garlic hurts LDL but does not affect HDL. So, you can say garlic extract has only a positive effect on your cholesterol level. 

As you know, reducing the bad cholesterol in our body reduces the risk of a heart attack. Hence using garlic on day-to-day basis, you can lower your risk of heart attack to a great extent.

Although high levels of triglycerides also cause heart attacks, garlic has no proven impact on the levels of triglycerides, neither reducing nor increasing.

Live Long with Garlic

Garlic has no proven impact on age directly. But the proven health benefits can cause you to live longer. For example, most of the people die because of a heart attack, high blood pressure.

And so many diseases come from this kind of health disorders. Garlic has a positive impact on those, and hence it is said that using garlic in your daily diet can cause you to live longer. 

Also, garlic can improve your immune system, as mentioned above. So, you will be able to fight more efficiently with highly infectious diseases by adding garlic to your diet.

Detoxifying Heavy Metals from Your Body

Our organs may damage due to the toxicity of heavy metals. But garlic protects our body from those toxins produced by heavy metals present in the body. The sulfur compounds present in the garlic has proven to detoxify our body from heavy metals.

Garlic reduces the level of lead by 19% in our body. It can also reduce other clinical signs of toxicity, which include blood pressure and headache.

Bone Health

Garlic also has a positive impact on bone health. So, adding garlic to your daily diet improves your bone health and makes you stronger day by day.


Garlic is One stop nutrition for you. Keeping all the health benefits, it provides in mind can be treated as a wholesome food and should be added to your daily diet without any second thought.

From old science to modern science, experts have proven that garlic has so many health benefits that you can’t avoid. If one adds garlic to their everyday diet, it will surely help you to have good health.