You love the crispy and tasty foods, but you always call the restaurants’ delivery when you want to enjoy your favourite food. There are many recipes for Pizza that people love to eat. But have you tried foolproof pan pizza?

If you do not, then stay with us; we will train you to make perfect foolproof pan pizza at home in your kitchen.

How to make foolproof pan pizza?

Here we will provide you detailed guidelines for making foolproof pan pizza; read them carefully and try a perfect and tasty meal at home with professional taste.

Why foolproof Pan Pizza is best?

When we talk about delicious and tasty meals then, foolproof Pan Pizza also includes in their list because it provides various choices to make it a favorite for you.

Time for the recipe

Servings: 2 pieces

Active time for the recipe: 15 minutes

Total Time for the recipe: 10 to 26 hours

Arrange ingredients

You will need to arrange the following ingredients to make foolproof pan pizza before making sure that all of the ingredients are available. It will help you to prepare a hassle-free cooking experience.

Many people always remain in a hurry and miss some items when they are making the recipes they skip the items. The recipe becomes tasteless, and he claims that the recipe was not good; he only misses one or two items. But all items are crucial to add if you will miss any of the items to add taste will be changed.

If you want to enjoy a taste like a professional restaurant foolproof pan pizza, arrange all of the items according to the ingredients list.

What Ingredients you need?

  • Take 400 grams of bread flour for the recipe, but also take some extra flour for dusting.
  • You will need 10 grams of kosher salt; for sprinkling, you can take some extra but for the recipe, add only 10 grams of kosher salt.
  • Arrange 4 grams of yeast; you can take SAF instant yeast or any other from the market you like.
  • Also, take water, but make sure you have more than 275 grams of water.
  • You can take any of your favorite oil, such as olive oil or any other which you like; make sure you have taken 10 grams of oil for cooking. 8 grams will be for the recipe, while extra two grams will use to coat the pans for drizzling.
  • Take 1 and ½ cups of the Pizza Sauce; also take 12 ounces of grated full fat, but with low moisture like mozzarella cheese.

Optional Ingredients:

For getting a more delicious and tasty foolproof pan pizza experience, you can also add some ingredients, but these are optional; you can also skip them.

  • Take two ounces of grated parmesan; you can also use Pecorino Romano cheese on grated parmesan cheese.
  • You can add a handful of torn basil leaves (small and fresh)


After arranging all the above ingredients in the required quantity, follow the simple instructions below and make a perfect foolproof pan pizza recipe at home.

Make Dough

Make Dough

  • Start with mixing the ingredients such as flour, yeast, kosher salt, olive oil, and water, it will be good if you take a large bowl, but you can also use a medium-size bowl. Now shake them well with your fingers and make sure there are no dry flour remains.
  • When you have mixed all ingredients, then cover the bowl with plastic wrap and check all sides and edges of the bowl; you have sealed them properly. After sealing the bowl, keep it in your kitchen or somewhere where the temperature should not more than 75 degrees F. You should keep the bowl for a minimum of ten hours. If you want a better dough rise, then keep it for 24 hours.
Prepare pan for dough

Prepare pan for dough

  • Now take the remaining flour and sprinkle it on the top of the dough lightly; now, sprinkle the flour on a flat surface and transfer the dough on that surface. Make your hands covered with dry flour and divide the dough into two parts; now, make them in ball shape one by one with your hands.
  • In the next step, add oil to the iron Pan, then add the dough ball and coat the ball completely with oil. After coating the dough ball, press the ball with a flat palm, try to flatten the ball slightly, and spread the olive oil in the bottom and edges of Pan.

Prepare Oven for bake

  • Next to that, cover the pan with plastic wrap and keep it for two hours at room temperature. When one hour passed, you should start preparing your oven; preheat the oven up to 550 degrees F.  It will be ready before completing two hours for the dough.
  • After that, remove the wrap from the Pan; you will see dough covered the Pan till its edges; now, press it with your hands and fingers to fill all around and corners of the Pan.
  • Now lift up the dough’s edges to escape air bubbles underneath the dough, repeat it until you make sure all dough is checked. Then top the dough with sauce and make sure you have spread the sauce on all edges of the dough, sprinkle mozzarella cheese, and salt.
  • After topping or adding optional ingredients such as basil leaves, transfer the Pan to the oven for baking. Bake it until you make sure the top and bottom of the dough become golden brown. It will take twelve to fifteen minutes. Take it out and immediately sprinkle parmesan.

Bake and Finish

  • If you feel you need some crispy pizza, you can cook it over medium heat for two minutes, take out the pizza from the pan, and transfer it to the cutting board. Cut the pizza in small slices and enjoy perfect foolproof pan pizza at home.


People love to eat foolproof pan pizza from restaurants. You can now make delicious and tasty pizza at home with simple ingredients in a pan in your home kitchen.