Cream cheese is a mixture of unskimmed milk and cream along with high-fat content. It is a naturally very soft food item which is popular in every country. Most people love to use it to make cakes and cookies. But a question may go round in your head, and that is can you freeze cream cheese?

Especially when you buy some extra cream cheese, you have to freeze them. There is no other option but to use the freezer instead of the refrigerator.

However, in this article, we will discuss how you can freeze your cream cheese without any hassle. Also, you will get to everything related to cream cheese. Let’s dive in.

How can you freeze cheese?

Cheese is an excellent ingredient which is greatly used in fast-food items, including burger, sandwich, and what not? That’s why you may buy a bulk amount of cheese at a time. But here comes another question. Can you freeze cheese? The straightforward answer is, yes, you can.

But to do this, you need to use your freezer, not the refrigerator. And there are some ways that you can go through for both cheese and cream cheese. Let’s talk about the cheese at first.

To store cheese, you can use any wrapping paper. It is the best solution available to anyone. However, you can use an airtight container as well. 

Another useful way to free the cheese is to use the unopened cheese package. After buying, you can directly put the cheese into your freezer. That’s it. And it’s the easiest way to freeze cheese.

Store Cream Cheese

How to store cream cheese

As we already said, cream cheese has lactic acid bacteria; therefore, the cream cheese needs to be frozen. In any other cases, it may go wasted. So, don’t put the cream cheese in your refrigerator. The same goes for cheese.

On the other hand, you may need to store the cheese after using it a bit. Let’s say you buy a cream cheese packet. After using a portion of it, what can you do with the rest?

The simple answer would be to fridge it. However, whenever you ask people can you fridge cream cheese, they may disappoint you. There some right ways to fridge cream cheese. They are:

  • Airtight container
  • Unopened packages
  • Wrapping paper

After reading our cheese store procedure, you already know these things. Well, you can use those procedures for your cream cheese as well. It remains similar.

Moreover, unopened packages are best to store cream cheese. But after opening the box, you may go for the wrapping papers or airtight container. 

From the airtight container and wrapping paper, the second one would be the best. Wrapping paper will make sure the cream cheese is adequately frozen. Also, the cheese will not get any extra space to liquid itself. You know cheese has a particular portion of milk. Milk is the main ingredient of Cream Cheese.

Therefore, whatever the storing process is, make sure you fridge it properly to use it soon. 

How to thaw frozen cream cheese

After successfully fridging the cream cheese, it’s time to thaw it. But it would help if you melted the frozen cream cheese. And the only way to soften your frozen cream cheese is to put it in the refrigerator or leave it at room temperature.

Room temperature will soon thaw the frozen cheese. That’s how you will get the defrost cream cheese. But here comes the challenging part. You will lose the texture and notice some water around your cream cheese. That’s the real down part when you put your cream cheese in the freezer.

Besides, you will lose the real taste a little bit. But it won’t be a big deal after you mix the entire cream cheese with a soft hand or a spoon. 

Frozen Cream Cheese

Uses of defrosting Cream Cheese

You already know how can you fridge cream cheese or not, right? Also, you know how to thaw the frozen cream cheese. 

Make sure you defrost the cream cheese properly. You may find the cream cheese useless if you don’t mix the defrost cream cheese nicely. However, defrost cream cheese can be used for delicious recipes like cheesecake, cookies, and other baked dishes. 

Baked dishes are the perfect place to use your defrost cream cheese. You will not find any difference in terms of taste. But in any other recipe, you may get a bit texture less flavor instead.

There are some other uses as well. You can use cream cheese with vegetables, nuts, and even fish. It entirely depends on your mood of cooking. Also, you may create a new recipe having a double layer of cream cheese. As a cheese lover, you will try it out.

How long does cream cheese last

Cream cheese has an average usage time, and that is around 3-4 weeks. Still, it depends on certain factors like temperature, processing way, types of cream, and some other variables.

Furthermore, you will lose the taste and texture if you put it in your freezer for a long time. Try to use it soon. Or you can buy it when you need it. It will surely help you enjoy a fresh cream cheese taste. 

It’s better to store the cream cheese for a week. It won’t affect the texture. But the longer time you keep, the less taste and texture you will find.

Final Verdict

After going through this article, you should have enough ideas about cream cheese. And it would be best if you got your answer can you fridge cream cheese or not. 

We give you the info on how you can defrost the frozen cream cheese and how long your cream cheese will last. 

However, cream cheese is a tempting food item. It enriches the taste. Whenever you add some cream cheese to your baked dishes, the flavor goes through your mind. Particularly for cheese lovers, cream cheese is a divine gift.